Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Rusty Red Moon


December 10, 2011 - the last lunar eclipse of 2011.

It was around 10:00PM when I received a text message about the moon being slowly consumed by the earth’s shadow. Immediately, I grabbed my camera  and tripod, went outside and looked for the best site where viewing will be just perfect.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Barangay Dalipuga


Date Created: Jan. 20, 1967
Fiesta: August 17
Area: 971 ha.
Distance (from the city): 12.1 km

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pasko Sa The Strip

pasko sa the strip

PASKO sa The Strip: A Christmas Caroling Contest 2011
The Strip, Quezon Ave. Ext. cor Ubaldo Laya Ave., Pala-o, Iligan City


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barangay Buru-un


Date Created: Oct. 9, 1962
Fiesta: May 15
Area: 1,000.7 ha.
Distance (from the city): 8.8 km.

Barangay Buru-un is one of the 44 barangays of Iligan City. It is located along the national highway and the first coastal barangay from Linamon, Lanao del Norte side. The barangay is sub-divided into 35 puroks.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 111111–Sharing and Caring for the Record


According to the Guinness World Records, the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement, the most clothes collected in 24 hours weighed 6,880kg  and was achieved by ASDE - Explorers of Murcia (Spain) at the Guadalentín Sports Complex in Murcia, Spain, from 17-18 April 2010.

On November 11, 2011, Iliganons will take the challenge to break that record. The launch of the world breaking attempt will take place at Rizal Park, Iligan City.

MBS5 A Great Success–Part 4

The  tour provided by the IBS and Iligan City Tourism for the MBS5 participants was great.  Explore Iligan had so much fun being part of the event but MBS5 has not come to an end yet. 

Before heading home, there was this announcement about a sponsored dinner.  The group was then sub-divided into two for a special dinner – one group at Kyla’s Bistro and the other at Aruma Café. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MBS5 A Great Success–Part 3

lunchThe Tour

Day 2 (Continuation)

It was lunch time. While the tourists were busy roaming around and taking pictures, some IBS members were also busy preparing for the Jollibee sponsored packed-lunch. Then, everyone was gathered at the veranda.

Sitting there at the same veranda where luminaries and other people of high importance in the old days converged  was like walking through time and connecting with the past. It was such a wonderful feeling. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MBS5 A Great Success – Part 2

4 The Tour

Day 2

The first day of the summit was a day filled with insightful sessions but that was just the first wave. Day 2 was another wave of equally exciting and fun-filled day for everyone. The summit organizer, Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., in partnership with the City’s Tourism Office has provided a short but informative guided tour to help participants, Iliganons and visitors alike, “find one’s bearings” of the city’s famous tourists’ spots.  Of course! Explore Iligan was there too to say these lines once again:

Monday, October 31, 2011

MBS5 A Great Success

mbs2 359MBS5 + Iliganon Hospitality = Great Success

Day 1

Explore Iligan had the opportunity to get involved by taking part of this year’s Mindanao Bloggers Summit which was organized and hosted by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.  The summit was carried out last October 29-30, 2011 at the Function Hall of Celadon Pension House in Pala-o, this city.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011

mbs From the King City of Davao to the Tuna Capital of the Philippines – General Santos City, to the City of  Golden Friendship - Cagayan De Oro to Asia’s Latin City of Zamboanga, now it’s time for the City of Majestic Waterfalls of Iligan to host the biggest gathering of bloggers throughout the island – the Mindanao Bloggers Summit or MBS.

Now on its 5th year, the summit banners the theme One Green Mindanao: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle”. The big event is scheduled on October 29-30, 2011 at Celadon Pensionne House in Pala-o, this city.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Barangay Pala-o

pal1 Date Created:  Jan. 20, 1967
Fiesta:  September 29
Population: 9506
Area:  372.2 ha.
Distance (from the city):  2.3 km.



Pala-o Barangay Hall

The name “PALA-O” was derived from the root crop “PALAW”.  This root crop is like a giant “GABI”. As many residents of the barrio planted “PALAW” and became abundant in the area, people named the place after the plant.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bay and Sea Views


Iligan is situated in the midst of luxuriant natural beauty of Northern Mindanao. It is a city truly blessed and nurtured by Mother Nature.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Senator Tomas Cabili Marker

One of the more important landmarks in Iligan City is the Senator Tomas Cabili Marker located just a few meters away from the seaport.  The memorial features a bust and a monumental  plaque attached to an obelisk, commemorating Iligan City's honorable constituent - the late Senator Tomas Cabili.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Explore Iligan from dusk til dawn


Iligan City is one of the few cities in Mindanao that glows at night.  The street lights, the well-lit structures and the smooth flow of traffic present the best views of the city after dark.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Focus: St. Michael’s Cathedral


church7 St. Michael's Cathedral, named after Iligan’s patron saint St. Michael the Archangel, is situated in the heart of downtown Iligan. It is the principal church of Iligan’s Catholic archdiocese. A sanctuary of quiet prayer in the midst of the city's busy sidewalks and streets, this venerable edifice is a link to the early days of the city and the scene and witness of many solemn ceremonies.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Focus: Timoga Springs


When most Iliganons are asked to think of their favorite things about Iligan, Timoga springs is often around the top of the list.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Focus: Tartanilya

Have you ever known, seen or taken a ride on a tartanilya or kalesa? This could be easily answered by our old folks but a tough question to answer for the younger generation.


A tartanilya or kalesa is a horse drawn carriage which was introduced by the Spaniards to the Philippines in the 18th Century. It was used as one of the modes of transportation then but only the nobles and officials could afford its luxury. The tartanilya or kalesa was not only used for personal travel but for the transport of goods as well. Later in that period, the kalesa became a common sight anywhere in the country. It was then considered as the “king of the road” but because of the introduction of the modern motor vehicles, it became a rarity.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Focus: Night Market

Night market
is a street market which operate at night and is generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Focus: Industrial City


Industrial City of Iligan  - A major component of the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Corridor (CIC), the fastest growing regional growth center in Mindanao and one of the priority investment areas in the Philippines.  Iligan City is a diamond in the rough. Under-explored by local and foreign tourists alike, it is one city which promises to captivate its visitors with its gifts of nature, blended with signs of industrialization.

Iligan as an industrial city is intertwined with the history of the National Power Corporation and the expansion of its operation in Mindanao. In 1937, NPC began gathering hydrologic data of the main river systems in the country. The power corporation investigated and surveyed a total of six of these river systems together with other streams. One of them was the Lake Lanao-Agus River system. The data gathered by NPC became the basis of identifying the sites with hydroelectric potentials. Thus, as the succeeding events would show, the auspicious beginning of Iligan as an industrial city in Mindanao started to unfold.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Focus: Buhanginan Hill


Buhanginan Hill is a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain of Barangay Pala-o. It’s 130 ft. (47 meters) above sea level.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Focus: NPC Nature’s Park

        entrance  gate

NPC Nature's Park - Agus 6 & 7 Complex
"Where you experience leisure with nature"

NPC Nature’s Park is located within an eight-hectare area inside the Agus 6 & 7 Hydroelectric Power Plant Complex in Fuentes, Maria Cristina. The first such facility of NPC in the Mindanao region. The NPC Nature's Park is envisioned to have a wide variety of attractions.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Focus: Diyandi Festival sa Iligan

       church     sanmig     diyandi

courtDIYANDI is a ritual performed by an all-female group outside the Cathedral during the Pagpakanaug, before every novena and before the start of the Komedya, or Comedia de San Miguel, a folk stage play depicting the celestial battle. The ritual depicts the courtship between a Maranao male and Higaonon female, and culminating into an offering symbolic of their union and bountiful harvest to St. Michael the Archangel. The ritual aptly describes the peaceful co-existence of Iligan’s tri-people – Maranaos, Higaonons and Christians.

eskrimaOther curious dance-forms, also performed during the San Miguel Fiesta, include the Eskrima (a dance simulating a fight between San Miguel and his enemies, and the Yawa-yawa, literally, devil-devil), a dance from depicting the celestial battle between the forces of good and evil as impersonated by St. Michael, the Archangel and Lucifer.yawa

Sometime in 1986, it was somehow felt by the local fiesta committee that there was a need to further popularize the folk-dance forms of the Iliganon. Thus was an idea born: the concept of a street dancing festival that will not only preserve certain traditional art forms but promote them as well. In an age when culture and tradition are battered by the incursions of modernity, the significance of such undertaking as a completion of traditional art forms cannot be belittled.

kas1Now called the KASADYA (street dancing and merrymaking), which showcases these rich and varied cultural traditions. Highlighted by the traditional Diyandi, Eskrima and the street drama. KASADYA that was started, as a local form of entertainment has become a major tourist attraction of Iligan drawing crowds to about 50,000 people both local and tourist alike. It is considered as a non-income generating project having the most number of spectators both in the streets and in the showdown venue proper as compared to other tourism related activities.

       kas7     kas2

       kas5     kas11

       kas12     kas13

war1It is to be noted that the San Miguel Fiesta focused on KASADYA was acclaimed by the BBC Holidays (a monthly consumer magazine published in the United Kingdom and the only publication officially endorsed by the prestigious British Broadcasting Corporation) as a tourist destination. It cited the tribal pageantry mixed with Christian piety famous with brightly costumed participants miming a fight with unseen adversaries to cries of "Viva Senior San Miguel". Other participants, dressed as warrior angels, march solemnly. It added that it is very unique because of the miracle play called the Yawa-yawa, performed in vernacular dialogue and depicting Lucifer's unsuccessful revolt against God and the good angels. Other national and local publications also cited KASADYA as a tourist attraction in Iligan.


The feast of St. Michael the Archangel every 29th of September is a grand celebration in Iligan. In fact, it has transformed into a month-long festival, the DIYANDI FESTIVAL SA ILIGAN.



Held every 20th of September at exactly 8:00 in the morning. The lowering of the Patron Saint from the center altar to the side altar for his bath and change of clothes and signaling the start of the nine-day novena, is a sight to behold and a tradition unparalleled. Although conducted inside the Cathedral, it is spearheaded by devotees and participated by local government officials whereby the City Mayor receives the Patron Saint's helmet, the Congressman receives the spear and the Chief of Police, San Miguel's shield. All this occurs with a ritual and a specific count amidst thunderous chants of VIVA SEÑOR SAN MIGUEL!

Daily Diana or Pamukaw


Starting Pagpakanaug Day to the day before the Fiesta, the Iligan City Government Band goes around the city at dawn to wake people up so they can prepare for the day's activities.



This is an event held every September 27, with participating contigents from and outside Iligan. Performers parade through the city from the port area to end up at the Anahaw Amphitheater at the foot of City Hall where they perform in a final showdown in front of judges. Big prizes are always at stake.

The Diyandi Festival Sa Iligan 2010 featuring the winning entry - The San Lorenzo Elementary School, Malabagan, Lanao del Sur. This is an unedited video filmed by Ruth Violanda using Fujifilm Finepix S1500 digital camera.

September 29 -The procession attended by throngs of devotees in all assortment of costumes and mascara dance, prance and shout in mock battle celebrating the confrontation of Señor San Miguel and Lucifer. Every now and then, during the procession, devotees shout fiercely "Viva Señor San Miguel!"

The procession stretched for approximately two kilometers. It started and ended at the St. Michael's Cathedral, with a route that took the devotees around the city through old streets, main thoroughfares, and two public markets.

All images appeared on this page were taken during the previous Diyandi Festival sa Iligan Celebrations by yours truly.

Diyandi Festival 2010 - ‘Wara-wara sa Iligan! Tara na!’

Diyandi Festival 2009 -  'Tuyhakaw Iligan, Cge Go!'

Watch out for Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2011!

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