Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Focus: Buhanginan Hill


Buhanginan Hill is a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain of Barangay Pala-o. It’s 130 ft. (47 meters) above sea level.



On top of the hill is where the City Hall, the seat of Iligan’s local government. It was built way back in 1957 and was inaugurated on Sept. 28, 1958.




The road going to the top of the Buhanginan Hill is a quick and convenient challenge and favorite destination for early-morning joggers.


anahaw1 On Buhanginan Hill's southeastern side is Anahaw Amphitheater, probably the biggest open amphitheater in Mindanao, which is a venue for theater, sports tournaments, celebrations, and other activities. The amphitheater and the city hall is only less than 3 kilometers away from the city proper. The idea for the amphitheater was conceived by the late Mayor Camilo P. Cabili. It was built in the late 70's on the southeastern side of city hall. The plan was to build a stage and it's backdrop would be the Anahaw leaves. Rightly, the project was named "Design of Anahaw Stage". However, the stage was never built but the project name remained. So now everyone refers to it as the Anahaw Amphitheater.

Anahaw Amphitheater is also the venue of Iligan’s annual Kasadya Street Dancing Showdown. Attended by many residents and visitors from neighboring towns, the amphitheater becomes alive.

The area has become one of the many attractions in Iligan.



At the top of the hill is a playground where children can romp around which is also suited for family picnics and solace.

pla2        pla1    

You'll get a good view of the city from the hill too.

night3              night2

Buhanginan Hill is a favorite promontory for Iliganons for viewing the sunset or skyline of the city by night.


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