Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paseo de Santiago – New Favorite Spot in Iligan


Located in close proximity to the Fishchiboy Market (Talipapa) in Barangay Santiago, Paseo de Santiago - a privately owned property, opened its door several months ago but has already attracted crowds of Iliganons and non-Iliganons alike. The place is still in its infancy of development but I could see that the place is already very popular and always catered to a lot of visitors, mostly college students. On weekends, it is also packed with families and groups of people of different ages. The place is now considered as the selfie capital of Iligan City.

What makes Paseo de Santiago popular?

Strategic location
- Paseo De Santiago is a sea-front area with an open seating concept which offers an amazing view of the sunset at Iligan Bay. The place is very accessible and offers a spacious parking space.


Great ambience – Coming to this place is lovely. It creates a “me-time” feel with its comfortable hangout setting. Once you get there, you can be in your own world while enjoying the cool air, bonding with love ones, talking to friends, or setting a romantic mood while watching the sunset.


Food and drinks
- Food and drinks (alcoholic included) are served in the area but guests are allowed to bring their own (corkage free) as of this writing. Part of the plan is to have an array of stalls for food and beverages that will be open to interested concessioners.

Affordability – An entrance fee of P10.00 per pax is collected at the gate.

Usually a combination of having these attributes (strategic location, great ambience, great food, etc.) makes a place popular but in Paseo De Santiago, one can add the iconic “ILIGAN CITY” sign to the criteria.


The iconic “ILIGAN CITY” sign, I supposed, is the main come-on of Paseo de Santiago. It’s the first of its kind in the city. The sign is strategically placed so that the back draft will be the Iligan Bay and its beautiful sunset. The letters are more than a meter high and can be visible in a distance. Each letter was painted with white and the characters are brightly illuminated at night.

Just like the HOLLYWOOD sign in Los Angeles, California, the iconic ILIGAN CITY sign in Paseo de Santiago is fast becoming a symbol of interest to tourists and visitors to Iligan.  Many want to view it or even visit it "up close" for picture taking and for “selfie”.


  1. I am looking forward to visiting this on my next visit to Iligan later in the year.

    Always Something New
    Things to look forward to
    Iligan City
    Simply Amazing !

    - Bob New York -

  2. Brgy. Santiago Iligan City ---- Grabe jud ka creative ang ga pa simuno ani nga proyekto sa Brgy. Santiago, Iligan City. Kung boot huna-hunaon kini nga area mao ni ang dumpsite sa basura sa Iligan City. Kinsa ang mag dahom nga kini nga lugar karon ang pina ka nindot laagan sa xudad sa Iligan. Nindot ang ambiance, secured ang lugar ug pina ka labao sa tanan --- limpyo ug nindot xa pang weekend night out for families, friends and lovers.. :) Nindot nga lugar laagan.

    I'll be resharing this post on my blog as well. ---- Author/Owner of this blog post, I hope you don't mind ha.

  3. Hi Admin,

    I am from the Iligan Investment, Incentives and Promotion Center w/ Arnold Garbanzos. We would like to reach out to you and maybe we can work together for one of our office' project which is Invest Iligan. We really love your photos and it would be great if we could feature it in our website.

    Our office is a newly created office through a city ordinance and that we have a very little budget and lack of resources to complete the 'Invest Iligan' project. Thus, we are appealing to the kindest and passionate help/support from Iliganons who believes in our cause, that is through investment will create more opportunities for everyone in Iliganon and that it will bring about a change in every home and people in Iligan. Thanks!

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    Andrews Libradilla
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  4. I've been there last May 2,2018. This place was so nice and the views are amazing. 😊


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