Thursday, July 21, 2016


“Good afternoon Sir/Ma’am. Welcome to Jacko’s Kan-anan!” – a chorus of greetings from the staff rang out when we entered the restaurant.  The cordial and corteous gesture instantaneously made us feel comfortable and welcome.  After we exchanged pleasantries, we were gently ushered to a separate dining room where we comfortably settled ourselves  down.


The air-conditioned room is relatively new. Though smaller than the function room, yet equally comfortable and cozy. Wifi service  is available too. The lighting is good and the wall decors are cool but the focus of attraction was the buffet table where meals were served with all the dishes put on at once. 


The food looked very delicious, appetizing, and attractive that most of us can't  fight that "must take photo" urge before digging into a meal.

Popular dishes that define Jacko’s Kan-anan:

Grilled Tuna Bellyjack4

Crispy Patajack3

Crispy Tuna Buntotjack6

Seafood Bilaojack7

The foods are distinctively Filipino and every dish is a hit. 

I absolutely loved all the dishes here and my ultimate favorite? ----–

Crispy Squid.

I am a big squid fan and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been here several times and Jacko’s never fails when it comes to hospitality and politeness. The owner and the staff are corteous, friendly and welcoming to their guests. They always address their customers with “sir” or “ma’am” to show humbleness and willingness to serve.

And the food? Well-prepared, tasty and delicious.  Like what they said, they don’t want to even pinch your pocket. The food they offer is essentially affordable to grant you and me a worry-free meal.

These attributes helped make Jacko’s Kan-anan one of the favorite destinations by Iliganons and tourists alike who want to enjoy satisfactory service and a remarkable dining experience.



Jacko’s Kan-anan
National Highway, Hinaplanon
Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 222-4610

Jacko’s is one of the homegrown food establishments we visited during the  #EatIligan campain. It is a casual dining restaurant offering buffet service, as well as counter service (where customers order and pay for their meal at the counter). The atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed, more fun than formal.


 ‪#‎EatIligan‬ is an invitational Iligan Food Appreciation Tour organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. in celebration of the annual Social Media Day. Social media influencers are invited to visit and experience the food scene in Iligan City.


  1. Hi! I wanna ask unta asa you kakuha ug infos about sa history sa brgys dire sa iligan? Part sakong requirement sa school unta. If book or magazine, asa siya makuha. Thanks if makareply ka asap.


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