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Barangay Buru-un


Date Created: Oct. 9, 1962
Fiesta: May 15
Area: 1,000.7 ha.
Distance (from the city): 8.8 km.

Barangay Buru-un is one of the 44 barangays of Iligan City. It is located along the national highway and the first coastal barangay from Linamon, Lanao del Norte side. The barangay is sub-divided into 35 puroks.


Barangay Buru-un is surrounded by beaches on one side and rolling hills and mountains on the other side.  It is known for its cool crystal clear springs  and  breath-taking mountain sceneries.


One of the main attractions of Buru-un is the Timoga Spring Pools where natural spring waters freely flow downward from the mountains to pools of different sizes.

Timoga Spring Pools

Maze Parks and Resort

Mimbalot Falls

Farming and fishing are the major means of livelihood in Barangay Buru-un but the standard of living and livelihood of the people have raised because of the many tourists spots like the  spring pools,  waterfalls, rivers, and cool mountain resorts and parks.

Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park

Tinago Falls

The barangay is blessed with the overflowing mountain springs which in effect, a great number of people depend on the water source and different livelihood like laundry washing, carwashing services, and the like emerge.

How Buru-un Got Its Name?

The first settlers of Barangay Buru-un are the Maranao tribes. After the first world war (1908), there was a hunter named Sgt. Miguel Canoy, an army man of the U.S. armed forces assigned in Iligan district, who was fond of roaming around by horse to the forested area in the western part of Iligan district. One day, he met  Datu Rascal Maruhom, a lumad in the area who told him that the forest belongs to Iligan District. In another occasion, the hunter Sgt. Canoy met another lumad whom he called Lanto Didatu and became his hunting buddy and guide in many of their hunting sessions.

One day, they decided to go and roam around the forested area to hunt birds. Sgt. Canoy, armed with his 22 caliber rifle, hit a bird from the tree named “buru-buru” . Accordingly, the name of the bird was taken from the Maranao word “buru-buru” which means “spring”, because the area have plenty of spring waters.

Originally, Sergeant Canoy came from Cebu. Every time he went home, he often talked about the place he had been for hunting and invited his friend to go with him back to Iligan. A lot were convinced and saw themselves the beauty of the place particularly the buru-buru. Later, Sgt. Miguel Canoy named the place “Buru-un” taken from the name of the bird “buru-buru”.

Historical Background and Legal Basis of the Creation

In 1915, there was a couple named Eloy Nieves and Apay de la Calzada Samson, who were the first settlers of Timoga, a sitio of Buru-un. Eloy Nieves is a close relative of Sgt. Miguel Canoy from Cebu, who was hired as an entertainer, a singer composer, in the U.S. military camp in Iligan. Nieves was able to compose a song “tubig sama sa tinunaw nga tingga”, means water like a melting lead. Eloy described the place rich in “spring waters”. Later, Eloy Nieves named the place “Timoga”, an acronym of such song. Then they left Timoga on 1921.

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

In 1922, another couple lived in Timoga in the person of Engr. Juan Macaraeg and Irenia de la Cruz. They had an only child named Evangeline de la Cruz Macaraeg, who happened to be the wife of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Diosdado Macapagal. They got married in 1946. Diosdado and Evangeline bore children, a boy and a girl, named Diosdado, Jr. and Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal. Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal married to Atty. Miguel Arroyo, and she became the14th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Before World War II, Buru-un was not yet registered as a barrio, but it was still a part of Iligan.

In 1962, Barangay Buru-un finally become a Barrio by virtue of a resolution no. 134 series of 1962, which was approved on October 9, 1962, by the City government of Iligan.

Past Leaders of the Barangay

Teniente del Barrio:

Antonio Lacida - 1948
Mauricio Banay-banay – 1950-1960

Barangay Captains:

Ambrocio Ancis – 1960-1964
Roman Paradela – 1964-1968
Makabangkit Sangkay – 1968-1972
Roman Paradela – 1972-1982
Regino BariƱan – 1982-1997
Glenn Quijoy – 1997-2002
Glen Quijoy – 2002 (reelected to serve another term.)


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