Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MBS5 A Great Success–Part 3

lunchThe Tour

Day 2 (Continuation)

It was lunch time. While the tourists were busy roaming around and taking pictures, some IBS members were also busy preparing for the Jollibee sponsored packed-lunch. Then, everyone was gathered at the veranda.

Sitting there at the same veranda where luminaries and other people of high importance in the old days converged  was like walking through time and connecting with the past. It was such a wonderful feeling. 

Inside Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

After a while, the group proceeded to the next stop.

The Mimbalot Falls (Waterfalls Paradise – Mimbalot Falls).



Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the natural beauty of the place. 

Before going back to the city proper, the group has decided to drop by at Timoga Spring Pools. Though the whole place was jam-packed with people, the group has managed to sneak inside for picture taking. Thanks to the guides from the City Tourism Office.

Timoga Springs (In Focus: Timoga Springs)


The tour was about to end when some participants requested for a Tartanilya-ride experience. Without thinking twice, the request was granted. True blooded Iliganons may consider the tartanilya a common service as part of their daily lives but for non Iliganons, visitors, and tourists, it’s a sight to behold.

The Tartanilya Experience (In Focus: Tartanilya)

It was fun looking at them doing their first tartanilya ride (smile).

Finally, the tour has ended. Some of the guests were brought back to their hotels while others have decided to head back home. But wait, the tour has not totally over yet. A small group chose to stay and decided to continue with the tour. This time, a tour around the city proper. Explore Iligan volunteered to guide them (he he he).

The City Tour II:

The second leg of the tour started at the foodcourt of Gaisano Citi Super Mall. Everyone felt a little low in energy and needed a refreshment. After a while, the group was ready for the second round.


Gaisano City Super Mall

After roaming around (malling), the group has decided to take a photo-walk while heading to the next destination, the St. Michael Cathedral.


Delecta Diner and Cafe

Crown Paper and Metrobank

Victoria Bakery and Big Ben

Finally, the group arrived at St. Michael Cathedral ( In Focus: St. Michael Cathedral)


marang It’s Marang season in Iligan and one of  the members (from Manila) confessed that he’s not familiar with the fruit and wanted to taste it. So, the group bought one and decided to have the ritual of “my-first-marang-experience” at the next destination – Buhanginan Hill.

Buhanginan Hill is a little too far from the city proper so the group took a jeepney (special trip) to get there.

Buhanginan Hill (In Focus: Buhanginan Hill)

Before the the so-called “marang tasting ritual”, some of the members took the liberty of taking pictures of the renowned Anahaw Amphitheater.

Cool and refreshing view of Anahaw Amphitheater 

The final destination was the City Hall which is just a few meters away from the amphitheater. The site is overlooking the city and a vantage point for a great view of the city’s growing skyline.


The tour has finally came to an end and culminated with the “my-first-marang-experience” ritual of Alvin – the guy from Manila (

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