Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Focus: Timoga Springs


When most Iliganons are asked to think of their favorite things about Iligan, Timoga springs is often around the top of the list.

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Timoga is a territorial enclave that forms part of Barangay Buru-un which is about 9 kilometers from the city proper. It is publicly acknowledged as the top destination if one feels like soaking in cool waters specially during summer. It is because of the natural springs which abound the area with its cool, pristine and crystal clear water flowing freely to swimming pools of different sizes. The cool waters are filtered beneath the earth's surface making it one of the richest source of fresh, high ph, alkaline mineral water which provides a feeling of total refreshment.

Timoga swimming pools were first established by the Marso family in 1965 and have been handed down to generations. Timoga now boasts five swimming pools which are owned and managed by the sons and daughters.

The pools of different shapes and sizes, are man-made, but they are fed by underground spring waters that stay cool and crystal clear year-round. Some pools feature fountains and sprinklers while slides and diving boards are found in the other.

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The cool waters attract all types of people. It really is fun for everyone. Many people specially kids bring floats, while others swim laps or wade around in the shallow areas. The cool waters are extremely chilly upon entering, but provide a feeling of total refreshment, and the cheerful environment makes Timoga a great place for lovers of the outdoors.

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Timoga springs  is just along the highway which is easily accessible by land to all locals and tourists. It’s a very popular destination that it can get very crowded on the weekends, during holidays and during summer, so you may want to avoid going mid-day if you don't want to compete with the crowds for parking spaces or the best spots inside.


For your next trip to Iligan, be sure to include Timoga Springs to your itinerary.  Entrance fee is at P50.00 for both adults and children. Food from outside be brought but drinks have a very minimum corkage fee. Enjoy and chillax!



  1. Why settle for just drinking a bottle of cool clear and fresh spring water when you could be swimming in it !

    In the unlikely event swimming is not your thing, you can have a picnic while enjoying a very beautiful view of the lush tropical foliage surrounding the upper most pool and while under the pavillion area at one end of the pool have a panoramic view overlooking part of the city and Iligan bay.

    I have enjoyed visiting Timoga more than once and found it to be a very enjoyable experience.

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

    1. Its More Fun in Iligan....

  2. Tara nah Ligo natah bye...


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