Saturday, October 1, 2011

Explore Iligan from dusk til dawn


Iligan City is one of the few cities in Mindanao that glows at night.  The street lights, the well-lit structures and the smooth flow of traffic present the best views of the city after dark.


Iligan City Hall, the seat of Iligan’s Local Government, located at the top of Buhanginan Hills.







night 2A well-lit street of Mahayahay glowing after dark.







night3Some commercial establishments along Quezon Avenue.







night5A portion of the Central Business District







night6Don Mariano Badelles Sr. St.







night 7Quezon Avenue








night8The city as viewed from Buhanginan Hill







night9Glowing shops and boutiques






night 10This imposing building of the Philippine American Life Insurance Company, established in the late 1960s, still dominates the skyline in Iligan City.







St. Michael’s Cathedral at the heart of downtown Iligan.










night 14 Marietta Tower and St. Michael’s Cathedral








night 15 Downtown Iligan




Panoramic view of the city proper

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