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Barangay Pala-o

pal1 Date Created:  Jan. 20, 1967
Fiesta:  September 29
Population: 9506
Area:  372.2 ha.
Distance (from the city):  2.3 km.



Pala-o Barangay Hall

The name “PALA-O” was derived from the root crop “PALAW”.  This root crop is like a giant “GABI”. As many residents of the barrio planted “PALAW” and became abundant in the area, people named the place after the plant. Many people bought “Palaw” as one of the sources of food. “PALAW” served as one of the sources of income of the residents aside from rice, corn and sugarcane which were produced during that time.

In the 1950’s, Iligan was divided into four (4) districts namely, San Roque, Santa Felomina, San Isidro, and San Miguel. Pala-o was part of San Miguel District.

When Iligan became a chartered city, it was divided into twenty-four (24) barangays of which Palao was one of it. The City Council promulgated an ordinance (City Ordinance Number 330, series of 1966) fixing the area and boundaries of its territory. 

Some Places of Interest:

pal2                Iligan City Hall
                Buhanginan Hill

                 Anahaw Amphitheater
                   Buhanginan Hills

              Reflexology Walk


      Iligan Medical Center College

           Pala-o Market

pal6    Iligan Medical Center Hospital

pal7              Mahogany Hills

batc Bat-C

Gazpacho’s Bar and Restaurant

celCeladon Pensionne House

kylaKyla’s Bistro

caldaCalda Pizza


Staylite Suites

stripThe Strip

Eventhough, Barangay Pala-o was not much big enough on that time, its leaders were able to show the right things from a bad experience. When some of them was unjustifiably entertained by the government officials especially the important needs of the barangay on that time, but still they fight for it and show that sooner or later they’ll find the right way. As they close their eyes and open their heart and soul and call God’s name they were able to surpass it. And that’s what they are reaping now, the fruit of sacrifice. And even again as they look toward to a new beginning they think of two things in life that is, progress and development.

Past Leaders of the Barangay

Teniente del Barrio:

  • Braulio Ragasajo
  • Mr. Quintin Sabacajan
  • Damiano Edrozo

Barangay Captains:

  • Adolfo Navidad – 1964
  • Valdemar “Dodong Lluch Sr. - 1968
  • Rosita Cabalhin - 1972
  • Bienvenido Uy Sr.- 1982
  • Raymundo “Dodong” Lluch – 1989
  • Dan Salandre – 1997
  • Winefredo N. Niez - 2010


(Some texts and figures courtesy of Cultural Atlas of Iligan City and Lanao Del Norte)

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