Monday, August 29, 2011

Waterfalls Paradise – Beautiful Cascading Waters

LIMUNSUDAN FALLS – 35 kilometers away from the city proper. It is a breathtaking two-tiered falls. The lower cascade alone is higher than the 320 feet Maria Cristina Falls. It has a total height of 870 feet. It is close to the eastern boundaries of Iligan, Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur. To reach the waterfalls, one has to trek for 2 days from Kalamalamahan, Barangay Rogongon, Iligan City. (Photo by Rene Pernia)



DODIONGAN FALLS – 65.60 feet high, cascading down to a concrete-like boulder. Its tranquil, cool waters and lush vegetation make it a real haven for nature lovers. The pool at the foot of the falls is very ideal for swimming, 14.5 kilometers away from the city proper. (Photo by Rene Pernia)


HINDANG FALLS – a 40 ft. high two-tiered waterfalls with a lagoon ideal for swimming. Located at hinterland Barangay Hindang, approximately 20 kilometers from the city. Other attractions of the Barangay are the 6-8 cave clusters. Most caves have narrow entrance with long and deep chambers. (Photo by Ace Reston)


PAMPAM FALLS  - Located in Barangay Dalipuga, 13 kms. from the city proper.
(Photo by Edgar Zerna)


LANGUYON FALLS – Located in Barangay Pugaan, approximately 14 kms from city proper. Languyon is a local term which means swim in English. (Photo by bike2waterfallsphilippines)


LANGILANON FALLS – Located in Barangay Pugaan. The waterfall has a height of 40 feet cascading down to a concrete-like boulder. The waterfalls is 6 kms. from the city proper.


KALUBIHON FALLS – Located in Barangay Dalipuga.


DALIPUGA FALLS – Located in Barangay Dalipuga.


LUMBATIN FALLS – Located in Barangay Pugaan, Approx. 8 kms from the city proper. (Photo by bike2waterfallsphilippines)

More waterfalls in Iligan City

Guimbalolan Falls
Kamadahan Falls
Pindarangahan Falls
Gata Falls
Kibalang Falls
Rogongon Falls
Linanot Falls
Malinao Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Abaga Falls
Maligang Falls
Malapacan Falls

*Ikog Falls
*Digkianlao Falls

*Both falls are located in Sitio Magayad in Barangay Rogongon.




  1. Very nice photos. I don't think you have the heights right though. Hindang Falls doesn't seem like 30 feet.

  2. Hello! Any idea how to get to Dodiongan Falls?

  3. Ayos Unta ang Iligan Pero walang paki alam ang mga City Government sa Turismo ang mga leaders sa iligan angayan na jud Ilisan karong uma abot sa 2013 salamat.....

  4. the first shot..LIMUNSUDAN FALLS by rene pernia.

    is it the same pernia who owns a studio back in the late 60's in iligan?? pls let me know. i'm looking for a specific shot taken during 1971 archery contest. let me know.

  5. The best way to get to Dodiongan Falls is through habal-habal in Barinaut, the fare is 30-40 pesos. Just tell the driver you're heading Dodiongan Falls. In the jump-off just head uptream. Follow the river stream.

    1. there;s a jeep that can travel to Barinaut .?


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