Monday, August 29, 2011

In Focus: Maze Parks & Resort

Etched from the lush and gently rolling mountains overlooking Iligan Bay, is a seven hectare resort that provides a unique blend of relaxation and fun.

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With facilities for the sports minded and the adventurous, Maze Parks and Resort is a haven for those who want to spend quality time alone, or in the company of family and friends.


Bathed in glorious sunlight and cooled by mountain breeze, man finds idyllic comfort in nature’s bosom amidst a collection of colorful birds, exotic flora and shady fruit trees.

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Maze’s multi-shaped swimming pools, and its pride, the Olympic sized pool is a challenge to the water borne.

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Park Amenities include:

Picnic Park
Children’s Park
Fishing Park

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Guests who intend to spend the night in the park can choose from the following:

- Single-Unit Cottages
- Hotel Rooms
- Dormitory Rooms

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Maze also provides:

- Catering for wedding, anniversary, and other celebration.
- Function rooms for training and seminars

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At Maze, one can combine work and relaxation.

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How to get there:

15 minutes by car or jeepney from city proper

Site Address: Buru-un, Iligan City


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