Sunday, May 4, 2014

Waterfalling Adventure

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. This is just one of the definitions of the word “adventure” found on the net.  People love adventure and most are willing to participate in things that involve uncertainty and risk just to make “it” happen.

In the past few decades, there is this type of tourism that has gained popularity – Adventure Tourism. It is categorized by the large amount of activities tourists undertake during their trip, and the large amount of interaction with the natural environment of their destination. Typically adventure tourism will involve something that the tourist would normally not have chance to partake in any other day - activities like white-water rafting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing etc. Adventure tourism is someone, anyone that is seeking thrill and adventure to spice up and make their experiences more exciting. Like in Iligan City, one can go on a Waterfalling.

Iligan  is a waterfalls paradise. It hosted more of beautiful cascading waters than any city in the country. Most popular are the Tinago Falls, Maria Cristina Falls, and Mimbalot Falls maybe because the locations of these waterfalls are very accessible and are just minutes away from the city center. But there’s a lot more of awesome waterfalls that are worth visiting like Dodiongan Falls and Limunsudan Falls.  Most of them are found in the hinterland barangays which are kilometers away.

Waterfalling Adventure Tour (WAT)


The Iligan Bloggers Society (IBS), Inc. will once again hold its Waterfalling Adventure Tour (WAT) that targets waterfalls enthusiasts and bloggers from all over the Philippines. The WAT is now on its third year. It is the IBS’ way of helping and promoting Iligan City’s Adventure Tourism by showcasing several of its wondrous natural treasures. The activity will be participated by bloggers who are healthy, adventurous, and  up for a long weekend of waterfall chasing.

WAT 3.0 is, by far, the most ambitious undertaking of this annual IBS event as it features  the Philippines’ 2nd highest waterfalls—Limunsudan. Aside from Limunsudan Falls, WAT 3.0 will also showcase other majestic waterfalls including Tinago Falls, Dodiongan Falls, Mimbalut Falls, and the  legendary Maria Cristina Falls.

For more details, visit Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0.


“The WAT series of events by Iligan Bloggers Society offer a great way for those not familiar with Iligan City to enjoy a fun filled and adventurous visit. As a multi time visitor, Iligan has become a favorite vacation spot for me even though it is half the world away from where I live. For those that live in other parts of The Philippines, these WAT by Iligan Bloggers Society provide a great introduction to Mindanao with the spotlight on Iligan City and its wondrous Waterfalls ! Additionally, there is so much more to Iligan City than the fantastic waterfalls, it is a place that may very well keep you coming back for lots more. I know it has for me as I plan for my visit number 8 later this year !

Iligan City and IBS WAT

Simply Amazing !”

- Bob New York


  1. We went to Tinago last week with my husband and with the kiddos. When we reach the end and finally saw the water, I was really amazed and ugh, tired arms (a big thanks to the stairs! *sigh*). My kiddos were really tired and requested to be carried by mommy and daddy.


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