Friday, May 30, 2014

Bonding Moments

Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3
May 17, 2014

After the Dodiongan Falls expedition, we then embarked for our way back to the city. Unlike  the previous  trip, everyone preferred to  be quiet.  The last time I checked for the energy level, I just got a weary smile.

It was around 4:00PM when we finally arrived at Jasmine’s Pension Home where most of our guest bloggers stayed.

jasmine1    jasmine3
Jasmine Pension Home is located at Andres Bonifacio Ave., Brgy. Tibanga, Iligan City.
(Photo courtesy of Jasmine Pension Home fb page)

While some were busy washing up, other bloggers and myself chose to stay at the garden.  We just sat around making idle conversation while re-energizing ourselves with foods courtesy of Jollibee and Jackos’ Kan-anan. After a while, we were joined by the rest of the gang. It was a get-together where  friends and strangers have shared stories, laughter and new friendships. Everyone was so engrossed in the situation that knowing how and when to say goodbye was difficult. Finally, it was concluded with the announcement of a dinner at Tatay’s Grill.


Tatay’s Grill and Bar is famous homegrown seafood restaurant in the city. It is located along National Hi-way, Tambo, Brgy. Hinaplanon. 


Our reservation was on the second level. It was a long table that can accommodate about 20 persons.  We’ve taken our seats at around 7:30 and after a few minutes, the service crew started to bring out the foods. Many of the foods that were served looked familiar except for the Adobong Behod which is the specialty of the house. 


There was the inevitable wait for everyone at the table to get “their shot” before anyone actually ate the food. I was amused and love the blitz of flash  assaulting every food on the table. After a while, we prayed for grace and feasted the food. Indeed! it was a sumptuous dinner experience.



It was a Saturday and the night was still young. While others decided to go home after the dinner,  I’ve effortlessly convinced the rest to join me and visit the weekend night market at the public plaza.

nm3   nm4 
nm6   nm2

The weekend night market is a good place for the night goers. Together with the busy entrepreneurs are busy buyers who showed interest in their products. The food, the drink, the different music bands’ performances, the colorful lights, and the beautiful crowd are the main factors that define Iligan’s weekend night market.

From the public plaza,  we strolled along Aguinaldo Street down to the famous Victoria Bakery for a taste of fresh and hot pan de sal. From there, we proceeded to El Centro to buy some drugs for motion sickness.  While waiting outside the drugstore, a food kiosk has caught our attention – Puto Bumbong? Yes! We have puto bumbong in Iligan. Out of curiosity, we then gathered around and asked permission to take some photos of the delicacy.  The ladies were kind enough to accommodate us. They also showed us how this delicious treat is made.

pb1   pb2

It’s almost 11PM. Finally we decided to go home and hit the bed. 


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