Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fiesta Iliganon


Iligan celebrates its special festival day or fiesta every September 29 in honor of St. Michael - the patron saint of Iligan City.

Weeks before the feast day, major streets in the city are already adorned with banderitas. Tarps and streamers are everywhere to welcome visitors and to announce the different activities prepared by the city government hand in hand with the private sectors. One will know it’s going to be fiesta once again when traders from different part of the country start setting up their stalls at Mugna or Taboan in Brgy. Tubod selling garments, housewares, toys ,house decors, etc. Taboan also serves as the venue for the trade fairs showcasing local products and delicacies. But the main attraction of Taboan is the fiesta carnival that host to different shows and rides which thrill adults and children alike.



The festivities are not complete without the search for Miss Iligan, Drum and Lyre Competition at the grounds of City High, different sports competitions, the most awaited Kasadya Street Dancing and Merry Making, and the Parada de San Miguel - a civic-military grand parade which turn traffic at a standstill for several hours. Another sidelights of the festivities are the musical and cultural shows at the city public plaza, and the Pagana food and drink festival, a culinary showcase of the different food establishments in the city.


As the fiesta is approaching, the city is getting busier and more alive. City residents likewise busied themselves renovating and cleaning their houses and poised to welcome their visiting relatives and friends. On the “despiras” or the day before the fiesta, everyone is busy in the preparations for the traditional fiesta banquets. This is the day when one hears the sounds of pig wailing, of the chopping boards, of the cracking firewoods at the backyard, of the bunch of videoke singers belting out their favorite songs, and of loud raucous laughter among acquaintances over ice cold beer.


The highlight of the fiesta is the religious procession in honor of the patron saint – San Miguel. Iliganons and devotees from other areas come together in all assortment of costumes and mascara dance, prance and shout in mock battle celebrating the confrontation of Señor San Miguel and Lucifer. Every now and then, during the procession, devotees shout fiercely "Viva Señor San Miguel!"


At lunchtime, Iliganons, friends and relatives come together for the kumbera of fiesta foods, like lechon, pancit, morcon, fried chicken, spaghetti, kaldereta, humba, menudo, lumpia, and other home-cooked delicacies.

Again, this is the day when one hears the sound of the bunch of videoke singers belting out their favorite songs, of loud raucous laughter among acquaintances over ice cold beer...and the fun continues.



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  1. i realy liked how you framed the the church on your first photo :)


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